Been a while since I’ve updated this series on how Ontario is going to change with respect to the largest YOY housing price increase in recorded history, a new future of remote work, and an upheaval of how business is done thanks to COVID. Part 1 focused on Toronto. Part 2 focused on mid-sized cities. Part 3 focused on small towns.

But let’s talk about politics for a second.

Real estate and politics have always been very close to one another in Ontario. Our policies around zoning have made home ownership the ticket to the middle class. It’s why people…

The housing market in Ontario is pretty crazy right now. If you’re in the market for your first home, it’s easy to feel gloomy about your chances of buying your first home anywhere south of North Bay.

As someone who’s been through the process, I thought I’d offer these helpful tips so that you too may join the proud group of people in Ontario that are known as homeowners.

1. Have a really good job and be born before 1992 and don’t work in Toronto

This one is pretty easy. Just get a good job. Doesn’t matter where (except Toronto), but as long as it pays well and you’re making good money, you would have been…

Downtown Eganville, ON

This is part 3 of a series of short articles exploring the future of demographic trends in Ontario. Part 1 (Toronto) can be found here, and Part 2 (Mid-Sized Cities) can be found here.

Small towns in Ontario are going to experience unprecedented growth in the next decade and beyond. With white collar work becoming decoupled from office location, many Ontarians (and by extension, many Canadians) have more freedom in their place of residence.

Toronto will morph into a playground for the wealthy and those who choose to live there for the culture. Living in Toronto strictly for work is…

London, ON

This is Part 2 of a series of articles exploring the future of Ontario in a post-COVID world. Part 1 is here.

Mid-sized cities (MSCs) will be where most of the excitement and growth will occur in the next 10 years in Ontario.

As I covered in Part 1 of this series and in an earlier post, the Toronto that we know today is done. Young people may still flock to the city in droves for school and a few years post-grad, but the big magnet that Toronto had for young people was jobs. …

This is going to be a multi-part exploration on where I see major changes in demographics and economics in the province.

Toronto will be a very different city.

Young people fled Toronto in record numbers when the pandemic hit. They were already leaving pre-COVID, but the pandemic and work from home possibilities turned an entire legion of white collar workers into digital nomads.

Cities like Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Kingston, Brantford, and Peterborough saw a huge rise in young people escaping the high costs of living in Toronto. They were mostly couples who could afford home.

This continued exodus will leave…

Before COVID hit, I took a trip to Lucan, ON to pick up a bookcase built by a Mennonite furniture store. We left early. We had time to stop for a coffee, and the Tim Horton’s was just down the street. On the way in I noticed a note on the door:

“Attention Customers.

Due to staffing challenges, we will no longer be able to remain open 24 hours a day.

Our new hours are as follows…”

When I worked fast food jobs during my time in university, the overnight shift wasn’t too tricky to staff. It guaranteed full-time hours…

Social media is a battleground.

All day, every day, brave keyboard warriors fight for truth and justice in the world.

The Cons own the Libs.

The Libs own the Cons.

The U.S. Capitol gets stormed.

The Woke and Antifa verbally murder literal Nazis and MAGA’s.

QAnon save trafficked children from the Elite pedophile ring.

Anti-vaxxers save the world from autism, mind control, and Bill Gates.

And of course, snowflakes get triggered (and the Libs get owned again).

If none of that made sense to you, that’s ok. I believe that before we can start to understand how to approach the…

RedFflute Cave — from Dark Elf Photography

Back in October, I switched roles at my company. My previous team had been reorganized, and I was graciously offered an open position on a different team in business development. The initial transition was a little awkward as I was the only one starting at that time. We typically hire small groups of employees for sales roles. The first few weeks were ok, but then at the beginning of November I just hit a wall. I was miserable. And I couldn’t quite figure out why.

As someone who’s usually pretty pleased with their life, this struck me as odd. Why…

Toronto and York region are heading into a lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on Monday, November 23rd. As restrictions have already been tightening for quite some time due to a second wave of cases, this was a necessary step to prevent area hospitals from becoming overwhelmed.

Public opinion is, understandably, divided. Public health officials of course agree that a lockdown and restrictive protocols are the solution. On the other hand, business owners are stuck between wanting to ensure their business can continue operating while maintaining a responsible position from a public health and safety perspective.

Voices from the…

Following the 1348 Black Death epidemic in Florence, the Italian Writer Giovanni Boccaccio wrote a collection of 100 novellas describing the situation called “The Decameron”.

A product of Florence’s middle classic, Boccaccio wrote tales of merchants and servants, a departure from the usual focus of nobility in medieval literature. Stories describe the situation when the plague first hit. The speed at which people would die (4–7 days).

The panic.

And most interestingly, the behaviours of various classes in reaction to the plague.

Jordan Detmers

Director at Riiid Labs — an AI enablement company focused on better education for all.

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